Episode 3 brings us the songs “Open Your Eyes” from Ilo and “Respect” from the Three Musketeers.  “Open Your Eyes” is a track that explores the journey of growing up, as we begin to learn some of the challenging truths about life on this planet.  It’s a call for all of us to “open [our] eyes and see that this world is so alive.”  “Respect” is also a song that explores some of the challenges we face as a global society.  It encourages us to “see the beautiful things; all the little things a simple day brings.”

All photos by Dan Peters
Ilo & The Three Musketeers - Spark Point Music

Spark Point Music

Coming to you from the unceded, ancestral territories of the Klahoose, Homalco, and Tla’amin peoples, this is Spark Point Music Radio!  We are working in partnership with CKTZ Cortes radio, Youth Voices!, and The Community Radio Fund of Canada - Radiometres program to bring you original music created by youth from Cortes Island.

At Spark Point Music we believe that when we create, we explore what it is to be whole and discover more of who we truly are. In our programs we seek to spark the imagination, and a sense of what is possible, for youth on the remote island of Cortes when their voices are heard and valued.

We give youth ages 8 to 18 an opportunity to create art and music in an encouraging environment, seeking to minimize judgment and increase acceptance of themselves and others.

Our studio is graciously hosted at Linnaea Farm, where we provide inclusive space, instruments, recording  gear, and guidance for youth to compose, record, and perform original music.   

The Music

Any music you hear during these broadcasts was either composed and performed entirely by youth, or with the guidance and support of musical mentors.  We will be airing 1 episode per month, accompanied by in depth interviews with the bands who wrote the music. This radio series will culminate in a 30 minute radio documentary that dives behind the scenes and explores the world of Spark Point music with interviews, studio jam recordings, and more!

Tune in each month and support the music, stories, experience, and passion that Cortes Island youth are bringing to the world!

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