Irene Blueth has a long tradition on Cortes Island, and was instrumental in helping build the Cortes Craft Shop back in the 1980’s. Hear Irene talk about how that was a special time of people coming together voluntarily to support the community. You can see Irene’s work at the Cortes Craft Shop in the summer.

Irene Blueth

Maureen Bader
Irene Blueth on Art on the Island

Irene is known mostly for the jewelry she creates from locally sourced natural products including cedar and succulents. During the program she talks about how she creates jewelry from actual plants. Irene makes most of her jewelry from silver and gold in her island studio and she tells the story about how she started out with simple supplies and tools, but slowly amassed a studio full of equipment. Irene is self-taught in jewelry making but studied art in Montreal for one year.

Irene recently gave a class at Linnaea Farm through the Folk U initiative. Her course was fully subscribed and people were able to make pendants and other items such as bracelets and Christmas decorations to give away as Christmas presents. Listen as Irene describes the process she used with the students. She may give more classes through the program in the future. Find out more about Folk U by sending an email to Manda - cortesliteracy at gmail dot com  or check it out on Tideline (

You can see Irene’s work and contact her on Instagram: Silvercedar, her Esty shop: or her website: She is also in the phone book.