In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews Jo-Anne Thompson. Jo-Anne has lived full time on the Island for 15 years but she and her husband bought their property in the 1980s.

Jo-Anne Thompson

Jo-Anne Thompson on Art on the Island

Jo-Anne learned to knit at the knee of her mother and has been knitting since she was six years old. Knitting is Jo-Anne’s primary creative activity as this is what calls to her. Jo-Anne is primarily self-taught, although she did mention that today, part of a degree in fine art can be in fiber arts. Listen as Jo-Anne explains how people express themselves through their knitting and how this makes her style is identifiable.

Loving to have yarn in her hands, Jo-Anne makes, for instance, socks and shawls, using fine wool and small needles. Jo-Anne describes how she works with beads and lacework to make unique knitted creations and how the colours of nature inspire her and fuel her imagination.

Jo-Anne talks about how she has overcome her production challenges, and how her products travel all around the world. Although she doesn’t sell online, people visiting the island have purchased her products and even come back for more.

You can see Jo-Anne’s products at the summer weekend markets, the Christmas markets, and sometimes in the Cortes Craft Shop in Squirrel Cove. You can always drop by her table if you are a knitter and are looking for advice.

Jo-Anne advises listeners to do what they love.