Cortes Radio is covering two major stories in its June 10 News update. Cortes Island’s silliest lawsuit is finally over, the court found no evidence supporting the legal petition’s allegations against Regional Director Noba Anderson. The Read Island fire is still raging out of control.

June 10 News update

Read Island Fire

According to BC Wildfires spokesperson Donna McPherson, “The fire is currently out of control. It is 27 hectares in size in a remote part of Read Island. Its on a small mountain or large knoll. It was a lightning strike fire. Today we have 53 firefighters and five helicopters working on the fire. “

It is about 20% contained and not close to any human dwellings. (There are more details in the podcast above.)

No Factual Basis For Legal Petition To Remove Director Anderson

Cortes Island’s silliest lawsuit is finally over. Lawyers for the plaintiffs and defendant submitted a joint statement to the court. Judge R.A. Skolrood agreed: there is no factual basis for the legal petition that 14 Cortes residents filed against Regional Director Noba Anderson last January and no conflict of interest.

Supreme Court Justice Skolrood ruled: 

  1. “There is no basis for the declarations sought by the petitioners; 
  2. “The Respondent [ie Director Anderson] did not accept a gift contrary to section 105 of the Community Charter
  3. “Pursuant to s. 111(6) of the Community Charter the Respondent is qualified to hold office; 
  4. “The petitioners shall pay to the Respondent costs in the lump sum of $4,850 and
  5. “The petition is dismissed.”

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Harry A Wenngatz, claims his clients had been “put up to” making their allegations, but would not disclose the identity of the real instigator of this suit.

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