Language Warrior is a story about Jessie Louie, and her life’s work preserving and revitalizing ʔayʔaǰuθəm a distinct dialect of Northern Salishan. Jessie knows the value of reclaiming language as a source of strength; a treasure to preserve, and a key to survival.

Jesse Louie

Language Warrior by Odette Auger, Deep Roots Island Waves

There is only one fully fluent speaker left who speaks this at Klahoose, and less than a dozen fully fluent speakers in total left on our planet. This is why the name Language Warrior truly is fitting.

The good news.. Linguists say even endangered languages can revive, if people have a choice, and an opportunity to learn. Jessie shares her story on how residential school attempted to stifle her language, and how she lived a life working to hand her language down to younger generations… “there is hope… I know it will carry on through these young people who put their heart and soul into it”.

Odette Auger, Sagamok Anishnabek:

The past 5 years have been focused on fundraising and project management, youth programming.

With Deep Roots and Island Waves, I have thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative process, and am excited to have facilitated new and ancient talent, skills, specialists and voices to our community. The opportunity to also write and produce in this series is an honour.