Editor’s Note: Greg Osoba is a CKTZ News contributor. 

A local band is hosting a free show to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Six Foot Johnson — a band including Garden Stein on drums and vocals, Danfver Johnson on harmonica, rhythm guitar and vocals, Dave Murray on lead guitar, and Greg Osoba on bass and vocals — has practiced “over 800 times at about 40 practices a year,” including numerous live shows, over their 20 year career. The group considers themselves “Cortes Island’s house band.”

“Well, 20 years ago I rented the Gorge Hall and I set up a bunch of instruments and invited everyone on the island to come and jam for my 35th birthday. And out of those jams, I met the guys that became Six Foot Johnson. And I said, ‘wow, we should keep playing, this is good music,'” said Stein. “And the band grew from that night, so I thought it would come full circle to rent the Gorge Hall 20 years later, set up the gear and play music with the same guys again.”

The show will be free of charge and have a selection of DJ’s playing before and after Six Foot Johnson’s two one hour long live sets.

“It’s a celebration, but we’re doing it as a gift to the community,” said Osoba. “It’s a 20 year anniversary and we are doing the show for free because it’s a give back to the Cortes community after all these years.”

The show is on June 3. Doors open at 8 p.m.

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