English PhD Soma Feldmar published a book of poetry in 2009. Photo by Loni Taylor.

As the first snow falls on Cortes Island, two creative groups are being formed for regular gatherings through the winter.

Soma Feldmar, a local poet, is the artist initiating the groups and hopes to create a group for writers, poets, and lyricists to gather to share and support each other in their work. The other group Feldmar is initiating is for poetry enthusiasts.

“It’s just about loving it and wanting to hear it and read it out loud. Poetry has a life in sound, not just on the page,” she elaborated.

Feldmar is a PhD of English and has a BA and MFA in writing and poetry from Naropa University.

The local poet said there is a core creative wellness that drives the reason behind the winter gatherings,

“It helps make me a better human and I wanna share that. I wanna create spaces for other people to engage in language that can make them a better human. Language is how we construct our reality, how we communicate, how we leave self and go to other.”

The location and format for the gatherings has yet to be determined: Feldmar hopes to get feedback on both from those interested in participating. The poet says she is open to all location options, and a rotation of locations. She is also hoping to keep the gathering low or no cost.

To learn more, contact sfeldmar@gmail.com

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