One of Maggie Armitage’s baskets

In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews two Cortes Island artists, Maggie Armitage & Jan Boas.

Maureen Bader
Art on the Island with Maureen Bader:-  Maggie Armitage & Jan Boas

Maggie Armitage started the show surprising Maureen by saying her current activity is singing. Maggie however makes willow baskets from willow that she grows herself here on Cortes Island. Maggie describes her favourite variety of willow, how she harvests it and weaves the baskets.  Maggie started weaving willow baskets after she moved to Cortes after taking two workshops at Linnaea Farm. Her style is marked by a type of precision, which no doubt comes from her unique style she has to follow no matter what. 

Maggie Armitage

She loved willow weaving right away and has kept it up, notwithstanding her current music projects. Maggie will perform at Hollyhock on December 15, 2018. 

Maggie’s company, Whaletown Willow

Right now, you can see Maggie’s basket at the museum and at the Cortes Craft Shop during the summer. Once she has more production she hopes to participate in local craft markets. Maggie advises other artists to follow their own advice and be flexible.

The bags Jan makes