So, what do Kellyanne Conway, the Norse goddess Frigg, and Tiffany Trump have in common?  Usually, nothing, but they are all key players in Episode Six of Nuevo Malibu:”Blinded by the White”.

Malibu 6: Blinded by the White

Earthlings Clell Landis and Doctor Shay Watt? time travel to 2022, to what’s left of the U.S. after Nuevo Malibu secedes.  Trump has withdrawn to a dungeon in suburban Kansas City, communicating only through his daughter Ivanka.  Landis and Doctor Watt?, along with Narrator and Mack, the hologram, encounter the above-mentioned trio, as well as the Grand Galloping Goof and a surly server at the Caucasian Cafe. 

Tune in to see how this is resolved, if it is resolved.