So what is the back story of this series?  What are the histories and motivations of the characters?  Let’s start at Day One of our voyage, before our main characters ever met, before they formed a crew and before they encountered the Norse goddess Frigg, Emily Dickinson, the Grand Galloping Goof, and that surly server at the Caucasian Cafe.  Even before they met Sarah Palin repeatedly.  This is our Roots episode.

Donald Trump has just taken office.  He flexes his new power by nuking Prince Edward Island during a performance of “Anne of Green Gables  — The Musical”. In retaliation, California, Oregon and Washington state secede from the U.S. and join British Columbia and Tijuana, Mexico, to form the nation Nuevo Malibu.

As the fledgling country struggles to reimagine government, Unity Ananda Esperanto-Pangaea and her daughter Brittany Starshine Guasacaca try to figure out where they fit into this start-up sovereignty.  Starshine moves to Pismo Beach, California, to sell avocado smoothies, and Unity takes a job as a greeter at the border in the Mojave Desert.

While Unity and Starshine adjust, Nuevo Malibu itself strives to pick a national anthem, considering such classic songs as “Purple Haze”, “Truckin’”, “Keep Ya Head Up”, “Louie, Louie”, “Enter Sandman” and “Smooth”.  It also tries to form a navy from some of George Soros’s lesser yachts.

In Vancouver’s Stanley Park, a former American and a former Canadian attempt to define what it means to be a good Nuevo Malibuian, with mixed results.  A committee in the capitol of the new country selects the national animal, somehow opting for the banana slug.

So relax, close your eyes if it’s safe to, and marinate in the origin story of “Nuevo Malibu” — the commencement of the cascade of comical characters and quasi-coherent accounts that you have come to crave.

Top photo credit: Nuclear Explosion Fantasy by Maxwell Hamilton via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)