The Cortes Museum’s primary location at 957 Beasley Road also houses tourist information. Photo by Anastasia Avvakumova.

After four years of running the Cortes Island Museum and Archives as managing director, Jane Newman is currently training her successor, Melanie Boyle.

A woman with white hair and a green sweater is painting honeycombs on a panel.

Jane Newman installing the Listening to Bees exhibit, currently viewable at the Cortes Island Museum. Photo courtesy of Jane Newman.

The transition is taking place over several months, as the museum has many types of offerings. These include exhibits at its flagship location as well as the Wild Cortes natural history center at Linnaea Farm, naturalist-guided outdoor events, physical and online archives, and many partnerships in the local community and beyond.

Both women are artists, and Newman is looking forward to more time for her personal creative projects, just in time to kick off the 2022 season at the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery on July 1.

Listen to the CKTZ News interviews with Jane Newman and Melanie Boyle below:

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