In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews Meinsje Vlaming, long time artist and Cortes Island resident, originally from the Netherlands. Meinsje began her artistic voyage as a child. She found clay in the garden and created sculpture. Her first show in sculpture was in the Netherlands in 1983.


Maureen Bader
Meinsje on Art on the Island

Meinsje is very interested in anatomy and this assisted her development in sculpting. Although Meinsje hasn’t studied art formally, she has studied art all her life and talks about how having the tools and a sense of discipline is important to realize what an artist wants to achieve in their art practice.

Currently, Meinsje focuses on puppetry and doll making. She says the two art forms are connected. Listen to hear who mentored Meinsje in puppetry and how she got involved in the Puppets for Peace festival.  Meinsje had a doll in the Member’s show at the Schoolhouse Gallery last summer, and many summers before that. Listen to hear how Meinsje and the other doll artists made the dolls for the most recent show. In fact, Meinsje has been involved with the Schoolhouse Gallery since the 1990s.

Meinsje will also participate in the annual CKTZ Lip Sync event this February 23. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to and let us know what you want to do. The rehearsal is on February 22.

Mensje talks about where her inspirations come from and where she gets her supplies (you’ll be very surprised). She advises artists to work at it, and don’t do it for the money. 

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