Michael Keith pictured with custom-made cigar box guitars crafted in Campbell River, BC. Photo by Iris Gildea

Cortes Island is home to many musicians, but, during the pandemic, live music events were almost entirely non-existent due to public health orders. With the orders finally lifted, local artists are eager to return to the stage.

Michael Keith, originally from Toronto, has made a career from his passion as a singer, guitarist and composer. Keith is bravely reviving the live music scene on Cortes Island, appearing on stage twice in April 2022. Keith plays several different instruments, but his most unique is a cigar-box guitar made in nearby Campbell River by Tracy Tomlinson.

Man sits on picnic blanket while playing a large south indian musical instrument.

Michael Keith’s blues music is influenced by instruments like this veena pictured. Photo by Iris Gildea.

He is scheduled to perform on July 4, at the Fireside Patio at the Gorge Marina, which is a free event open to the public. To find out about more free, live music events at the Gorge Harbour Marina visit gorgeharbour.com

Listen to the interview with Michael Keith below:

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