Misty Morning Hop with DJ Sassparilla - Mondays + Fridays: 9:30 AM - NOON

“Navigate morning vibes, whether you’re at work, playin’ or just chillin’ or driving around in your pick up truck… through swimming experiences of a modern psychedelic, electronica & rock music playlist. A good song is a good song.

My level of passion for music is high. It stems from early childhood, hometown of Foleyet or living far n remote in the bush. Many super long roadtrips in the van with my mom listening to all kinds of tapes. Paul Simon, David Wilcox, Neil Young. My first purchase was Def Leopard! Also, I was super stoked as a young kid to create mixtapes. The only way for me was an all night mission to record newly released songs on the am radio stations.

Sigh.I feel so inspired to bring you the love through music, in any styles you could possibly ever imagine.”