Jonesy’s passion for mixtapes harkens back to the cassette era. She loved compiling collections for friends, or having them introduce her to a new artist. Jonesy never dreamed of playing mixtapes over the radio until coming to Cortes Island.


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Her Inspiration

“If I’m listening to a song that I haven’t heard before and I like it, I try to find a collection of songs I can build around that one song. It can be about the weather; …current events; … how i’m feeling at the time. It can turn into a music therapy session.  Sometimes I get ideas from listeners.”

“This is a great way to connect with people.”

“It is so much fun when someone calls in to the radio and requests a certain song, or says, ‘I love what you were playing’ or ‘who was that you were playing?’  … Feeling like you might have added to someone’s day, whether it lifts them up or reminds them of another time, or connects them with a new artist they resonate with. I have a regular Powell River listener who calls up just about every show, sometimes several times during a show.”

When Jonesy could not attend a recent family gathering in Ottawa, she connected with them through the radio. Jonesy chose songs she knew her family enjoyed. They responded through social media and by phone.

Listening to the Radio

Jonesy has always been surrounded by radio. Listening to the CBC brings childhood associations. In Winnipeg, she listened to Paul Simon, Queen and Dr. Demento on AM radio.

Now she also listens to Cortes Community Radio:

“I really like ‘Anything Goes’ on Saturday and I do enjoy Greg’s [Osoba] show, the [Lunchtime] Locomotion, on Fridays. And I’ve started listening to Jeremy’s show on Friday afternoons. It was my sound track to grooming the dog the other day. It was awesome. He plays these quirky jazz fusion songs that I really enjoy.”