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March 26 Program

by Victor van Buskirk | From The Muse's garden

Sound Meditation In The Great Pyramid

On Norm Smookler’s 3rd recording in the Great Pyramid he received permission from Antiquities Minister Hawass to stay overnight in the building and this gave more time to explore the exceptional acoustics using flute, flute percussion, chant and mallet. Victor Van Buskirk made the video, mixed the sound on it and used photos from the Creative Commons.

Natural Majesty

A tribute to a massive fir, 160 feet tall and hundreds of years old that fell naturally during a winter storm. She did not break anywhere but at her base but she cracked open 60 feet up her trunk.

Also a shout out to all that take living things for their food, shelter, profit etc. Be thoughtful and be grateful.

Music is Yves Song - from Shine Edgar’s wonderful CD Great Central Sun

Photos, Art and Video - By Victor Van Buskirk

One-Minute Mindful Music Meditation

Music Meditation by Norm Smookler

Photography, Video Sound Mixing and Editing - Victor Van Buskirk @


Poetpourri from The Muse’s Garden

Long have I had a Dream of combining Poetry and Music into a radio show and now sure seems like the time.

Please tune in early Monday evenings on Cortes Community Radio CKTZ 89.5 FM from 5:00 - 7:00 for From The Muse’s Garden. 2 hours of local and international readings dovetailing with reflective music to perhaps enjoy your supper to.

If you have poems you would like to read, join me on-air or have me read them or if you can send You Tube links or MP3s that would be great.

Victor van Buskirk

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