Marco Bedetti, the new general manager for Qathen Xwegus (QXMC), says he’s hoping to create more sustainable tourism on Cortes Island.

QXMC is the community economic corporation for the Klahoose First Nation and a large part of their portfolio is tourism businesses including the Klahoose Wilderness Resort, The Gorge Harbour Marina, and a new quirrel Cove development. Bedetti became the general manager in October 2023.

A recent tourism plan was completed by the Cortes Community Economic Development Association, and Bedetti said that QXMC is building infrastructure to create more year-round jobs on Cortes.

“How can we improve transportation? How can we improve employment and all that? It’s a very interesting program that they’re doing and I’m excited to see the outcome of it,” he said.

Programming for the Klahoose Wilderness Resort that is being considered to create more year-round tourism includes retreats for biologists, fishing excursions, and even heli-skiing.