Fieramente is queer choir which is about to embark upon its 4th series, an impressive accomplishment considering that the choir is less than two years old. This year, they have begun reaching out to the rural islands to expand their group and offer community.

The choir began with a facebook inquiry that led to a not-for-profit taking shape. It is called North Island Queer and Trans plus song society or for short, the NI Cuties. Fieremente operates under the umbrella of the Society.

Fieremente runs a 14-week long series for a multi-generational membership, including 2SLGBTQIA+ allies. There are showcases at the end of each series but the main focus of the group is creating community for the participants who range in age from 19 to people in their 70’s.

Co-director, Ali Romanow, emphasizes what the choir is all about, “There’s this really beautiful sharing of knowledge and terminology and experiences and new concepts back and forth through the different generations”.