Curious about Donald Trump’s inner thoughts? Wondering about what memories haunt him? Questioning why his right amygdala is so hostile? All these concerns are answered in Nuevo Malibu 2: A Different Version Of Trump’s Brain.

Nuevo Malibu 2 - A Different Version of Trump’s Brain Written & Produced by Allen Perkins

Having just transgendered a prepubescent Donald Trump in Episode 1, our intrepid trio jumps into the TURDIS, their time-traveling Port-a-Potty, and head to an alternate reality to study a different version of Trump’s brain. The two earthlings — world-weary Clell Landis and Doctor Shay Watt?, proctologist — continue to bond with Mack, the subliminal being from the planet Stephanie that communicates with them through holograms. They are joined by the Narrator, who becomes a sentient being when she comes aboard the TURDIS.

Mack miniaturizes the TURDIS so they can get to The Donald’s brain through his nose.  The group pokes around Trump’s frontal lobe, looking for his Executive Functions: reasoning, self control, abstract thought . . . that sort of thing.

All they find is danger from being zapped by axons from the synaptic process.

The Narrator is severely stunned by one when Trump starts watching “Fox and Friends”.

The crew moves on to the temporal lobe, where memory is stored.

Using a device that Mack makes which looks like a Super Soaker, the Doctor provokes memories of Trumps’ childhood, all his marriages and Stormy Daniels.

Having quite enough of that, the crew moves on to The Donald’s amygdalae, key to emotional responses.

There they meet a little man who looks like a Picasso painting. He’s negotiating a peace between Trump’s right and left amydalae. The right amygdala is disturbed about an increasing amount of colored hues in its grey matter, which is actually pink.

The crew resolves the crisis is a most explosive way, then travels to the Italian Renaissance for a well-earned pasta dinner.

Nuevo Malibu was written and produced by Allen Perkins. It was recorded on location in the universe, specifically Quadra Island at the Dave Blinzinger Studio.  It features the vocal talents of Kris Wellstein, Guy Holmes, Kornelia Mitchell, Aquilina Mitchell, Karen Holmes and John Nursall.