Nuevo Malibu 9: “Hit the Bricks to Route 66” or “Rumble at Mount Shasta”

After uncovering Emily Dickinson’s darkest secret in Episode 8,earthings Doctor Shay Watt? and Clell Landis, hologram Mack andthe Narrator hop into the TURDIS, the time-traveling Port-a-Potty, to visit Mount Shasta during the 1989 Harmonic Convergence, hopingto levitate and see ancient beings emerge from the mountain.

“NuevoMalibu” is written and produced by Allen Perkins.  Recorded on locationin outer space, it features the vocal talent of Kris Wellstein, Karen Holmes,Guy Holmes, Aquilina Mitchell, Kornelia Mitchell and many others.

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Top photo credit: Sunrise at Mount Shasta by Jeff Hollett via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)