Wanna REALLY Get Away

Wanna REALLY Get Away? See What The Future Holds? Think You’ve Heard Enough About The Donald? Come on Board For A Visit To Nuevo Malibu. 

Join an intrepid trio of time travellers in the fantasy adventure “Nuevo Malibu” on Cortes Radio.  Clell Landis, a world-weary drifter, starts the cascade of events when he decides to leave the U.S. for a new country formed by British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California and Tijuana, Mexico.  Nuevo Malibu is founded after Donald Trump accidentally nukes Prince Edward Island.

Port-a-Potty Time Trek To Nuevo Malibu

Nuevo Malibu - Written & Produced by Allen Perkins

Come To Nuevo Malibu On CKTZ:

Saturday, May 5 & 12: 8 PM
Monday, May 7: 7 PM
Wednesday, May 9: 7 PM

Join The Action

Landis meets Doctor Shay Watt? when she lands a Port-a-Potty on his foot.  She had been using it at the Woodstock Music Festival half a century earlier when it whisked her away. The two set out to stop Trump’s rise to power, but instead end up on the planet Stephanie, where they meet Mack, a subliminal being who can
make anything and be anyone.

The three careen around the universe a bit, including a stop on the planet Nuzzlepuss, where everyone speaks in Doctor Seuss lines.
They end up in Trump’s closet on the eve of a crucial time in The Donald’s life.  They do, in fact, change history, but not the way they thought they would.

Nuevo Malibu was written and produced by Allen Perkins. It was recorded on location in the universe, specifically Quadra Island at the Dave Blinzinger Studio.  It features the vocal talents of Kris Wellstein, Guy Holmes, Kornelia Mitchell, Aquilina Mitchell, Karen Holmes and John Nursall.