Bianca Lee, 15-year resident of Whaletown, is hired as the first-ever manager for the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery. Photo by Xavier Lee.

Bianca Lee has been hired as first manager for the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery.

The Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery has been a “volunteer-run non-profit for 26 years in Whaletown.” As the first manager, Lee is running the summer 2022 season for 5 months and explains that her role is part of a bigger vision,

“The board decided that they wanted to become a nonprofit society. They wanted the opportunity to access grants and expand their offerings.”

Lee has sat on the Whaletown Community Club board as secretary in the past, and she has lived in Whaletown for 15 years. She is enthusiastic to be the glue between various organizations that can benefit from collaborations in Whaletown and looks forward to“ building relationships between the different players.”

There’s several hopeful concepts to fulfill the board’s vision, Lee says. The new manager is seeking grants to fund a fall/winter educational program that could be hosted in the gallery, during a time of year when the space typically wasn’t being used in the past. Lee also discussed the possibility of a kid’s art show in the springtime idea and a collaboration with the Whaletown Community Club for an annual Halloween event, which already takes place on the Schoolhouse grounds.

Funding for the expansion is enabled more by the gallery’s newly established society status. Lee’s role as manager includes the responsibility of assisting with grant writing and seeking ways to fund the new programming ideas.

“I don’t know if it will really be sustainable the way that it’s funded at this time,” Lee says on the funding of her role. “So we’re going to have to look for more funding.”

If you would like to find out about upcoming events, art shows, and how to get involved or donate, visit the Old Schoolhouse Art Gallery Facebook page, or email


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