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Cortes Community radio’s mandate is to provide a platform where the “the concerns, interests, and activities of the Northern Gulf Islands” can be expressed. This means providing “local, minority and Canadian actors and musicians” with a voice. According to station Manager Howie Roman, our DJs are CKTZ!

“Without our DJ’s we really would just be playing the playlist.”


Playing Mozart

Sundays 3-5 PM; Repeats Tuesdays 7-9 PM

CKTZ’s gateway to to the world of classical music: early music (mostly composed before 1750, which includes the Baroque (Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, etc.) and the Renaissance periods. Most of this music features voices (solos and/or choruses) and is sacred in nature, but a small percentage is instrumental.

Doug Butt was the host prior to COVID, at which point he retired. James Foster continues the program.

Click on this link for items from the original series

Alphane Moon Report with Citizen Olmstead

Mondays 9:30 PM-11:30 PM; Repeats Saturdays 10 PM-12 Midnight

Generally exploring the thicker & more chewy parts of the musical spectrum, the AMR leans towards heavy/hard rock, grunge, rap, punk, and new-wave. Blending classics with bleeding edge artists - Citizen Olmstead takes you on a raging 2-hr trip to the super-ego & the id. (Read More)

Anything Goes

Howie Roman
Paul the K of Anything Goes

“Paul the K”

Sat: 10:30 AM-1 PM; Mon: 7-8:30 PM

From New York soul to rock’n’roll, from Whaletown to Mowtown, Howie & Paul the K take you on a musical tour of some of the greatest music ever made. (Read More)

Carrot in the Garden

Garrett Bartscher

Sun: 5:30 pm-7:00 pm; Repeat: Friday 9:30 am to 11:00 am

A late afternoon show, easy going, lowfi tunes to enjoy while hanging out at the beach, gardening or even cooking dinner. (Read More)

The Dark Horse - Radio for Weirdos

Wed: 10 pm - 11:30 pm

Extricating gems, b-sides and underdog earworms for you to howl at the moon to.
Feed your hunger for up-and-coming indie, punk, electronic, metal and experimental. Served cold, by K80 Mac.

(Read More)

Eclectic Collection with Lorne

Sat 7-9 PM

The Eclectic Collection reflects my love of music, in itís many forms. The rock and roll and blues and folk songs of my youth, jazz, classical and Celtic of later years, all make an appearance during the show. Not the top 40 hits, unless there is no option, but the live versions, the covers by other artists, the hidden gems deep in the albums that never got airplay (Read More)

End of the Road Show with Highway Hippy

- Fri 3- 6 PM

I have a wide variety of music tastes but the one thing I try to do is play Hard Rock and Alternative in 1 hour long sets. This program has been a work in progress with many hurdles to cross being mostly transient. Most of the summer was spent sailing, stopping by the station to pre-record the show for later airing. I now have a laptop dedicated to music and the production of radio and karaoke shows. This coupled with various networks for music available to me as well as the new contacts I am making in the local music community, has given me the freedom to remain semi-transient while offering 4 hours of unique weekly programming. (Read More)

From The  Muse’s Garden with Dancing Wolf

Mon 5 -6 PM; repeats Fri 12 -1PM

Please tune in early Monday evenings on Cortes Community Radio CKTZ 89.5 FM from 5:00 - 7:00 for From The Muse’s Garden. An hour of local and international readings dovetailing with reflective music to perhaps enjoy your supper to. If you have poems you would like to read, join me on-air or have me read them or if you can send You Tube links or MP3s that would be great. (Read More)

Gabbing about Gardening

Tuesdays 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

This show features experienced and expert gardeners, writers, teachers, farmers and chefs who “gab” with Lu about a wide range of topics including permaculture, composting, cooking, seed-saving, soil health, community gardens, urban gardening, food security, medicinal plants, edible landscaping and much more.  Guests on Lu’s show come from near and far, locally and globally.  (Read More)

Gaia Grooves with Dancing Wolf

Sat 9-10 PM

“Under my large umbrella of World Fusion you will hear World Beat which I loosely describe as African, Latin, Asian, Mid Eastern, Celtic and a large ETC. You will also hear Reggae, House, Hip Hop, Down Tempo, Dub Step, Bhangra, Techno. Electronica, Calypso, and another large ETC.” (Read More)

Tuneage with Phil Bell

Tuesday 3:30 - 5:30 PM

Phil Bell is a working live and studio bassist, vocalist, songwriter and producer living in Vancouver BC Canada. Producing his radio show “Tuneage” remotely and keeping Cortes airwaves stocked with fresh, local, and funky tunes.

 (Read More)

Waking Life with Jen

Jim, Nadya & Friends

Wed 6-7:30 PM; Repeats Fri 7:30 PM

Misty Morning Hop with DJ Sasparilla

Mon: 9:30 AM - 12:00 Noon; Sat: 9:30-12:00 PM

Welcome to my radioworld here on Cortes Community Radio CKTZ 89.5FM. Sometimes mellow, sometimes rockin’. Encorporating all styles of music through a lens that is rose coloured and full of positive energy. A weekly organic process, a playlist that evolves out of life every day (Read More)

Mixtapes with Jonsey

Thu 4 - 6 PM; Repeats Sat 3 - 5 PM

“If I’m listening to a song that I haven’t heard before and I like it, I try to find a collection of songs I can build around that one song. It can be about the weather; …current events; … how i’m feeling at the time. It can turn into a music therapy session.  Sometimes I get ideas from listeners.” (Read More)

Phil’s Pick ’n Mix

Wed 8 -10 PM; Tue 9 - 11 PM

Phil Allen became a DJ back in the years that Cortes Community radio was a pirate station. He likes to find new music and share it with others. Phil jokes that his show is the one man and his dog show. It can feel very lonely, being in the DJ booth by himself speaking into a microphone. You don’t know if anyone is actually listening until someone comments about your show. So why does he do it? What is the Story Behind Phil’s Pick ’n Mix? (Read More)

Pranayama Pachamama with DJ Liquid Crystal

Sun: 11:30 AM -1 PM; Repeats: Wed: 10 -11:30 AM

It’s not about achieving perfection or even being more spiritual. It’s about a journey to self discovery. To Rise to the call with commitment, clarity and conscious choice. Pranayama Pachamama was formed with the desire to share my teachings in a relaxed manner to reach as many hearts for the journeys yet to come. (Read More)

Ragamuffin Parade with Morgan Tams

Fri 6-7:30 PM; repeats Rue 5:30 - 7 PM

ShimSham Show With Psychedelic Sam

Thu:7-9 PM; repeats Mon 2-4 PM

Shut the TV off , Get off your device , slap on the head phones . Its Shim Sham Quality Time

Stone Soup with DJ Artemisia

Mon 12- 2 PM; repeats Sun 1-3 PM

Stone Soup: A cup of folk, a cup of world, a dash of Hip Hop, a splash of the jazz and clues with a healthy dose of Canadian artists.

Banned from blasting into any pop stations or blasting boy bands on the stereo by my brothers, I grew up on Classic Rock; Reggae and as much Zappa as my mom would tolerate over the speakers. My own musical heart awoke when I discovered world music and blue grass- life has never been the same since. (Read More)

Take me to the Casbah with Mr Driven’

Sun 10-12 PM; Repeats Thu 10:30-12:30 AM

Music and occasional opinions.

Genres: psychedelic, acoustic/bluegrass/roots, reggae, funk/soul, electronic (bass), experimental, pop remixes, new age, mixtape, Canadians, (Classic) rock, world, hip hop, blues

The Best of the Worst with Dorst Boswell

Sun — 9- 11 AM

The Homegrown Show with Rena Patrick

Hurricane Rena

Mon 4 - 5 PM

Profile: “The Homegrown show has been playing on Cortes Radio since 2012. It features local and Canadian music, especially artists from the west coast. The genres are open, but it tends to feature folk music, country, rock and blues, particularly with a west coast theme, or subjects that celebrate our lives on the BC coast. However, I like to play a few songs from Atlantic Canada as well in each show.” (Read More)

Thursday’s Locomotion with Nat King Cono

Thu 11AM - 1 PM; Repeats Tue 1-3 PM

Nat King Cono brings you lively and thoughtful music from around the world to get your weekend started. Somewhat nostalgic and always toe tapping, he endeavours to get you moving.This can include live interviews with locals and visitors who are making a difference. From artists and authors to musicians and politicians, spontaneous discussions are always in the moment and never edited or prerecorded. Nat stays true to the spirit and essence of “live” radio unscripted. (Read More)

The Wild Years with John Orysik

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is john-orysik-1.png

Mondays, 7:00 to 9:30 pm

John Orysik, weekly state of the art survey of jazz - highlighting local and international new releases and reissues. Join John Orysik as he takes you on a musical excursion through the magical, ever-evolving world of jazz—from Ragtime to No Time.

John caught the fever during his teenage years; and fell in love with all manner of music but found the greatest source of pleasure and inspiration in jazz. Each week John will be dropping some serious knowledge about this unique and varied genre through a carefully curated musical selections. The pillars of jazz—past, present, and future. (Read More)

Old Favourites

Chris in the Evening brought a lively selection of mostly new music that takes a hard look at modern society. He also interviewed people about current issues (like missing indigenous women).

Access his podcasts here.

The Folk Club

The Folk Club is a one hour show hosted by Andy Vine and focused on folk music of all kinds but perhaps with a bit of a bias towards acoustic and Celtic music. Andy himself was raised in the UK and started his folk singing there during the 1960’s folk revival. Still an active musician, Andy has acquired a large library of folk music, from which he draws for his radio show. He is also constantly on the lookout for new folk music and is consistently delighted by how much great traditional music is being made by young people.

Access podcasts here

The Midi File

The Midi File, with your host Charlie is a weekly (english hosted) French music show that presents curated playlists from Quebec, France and other parts of the Francophonie. Recorded & Aired LIVE at CJMP studios (Powell River) Thursdays at Noon and rebroadcast on Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM at 11:00 also on Thursdays.

Click here to access it

Vino do Porto

Vino do Porto - Susana Vijaya has a passion for music since she can remember. Her grandmother was always listening to Fado and she was always surrounded by musicians and Djs that opened her taste to a lot of different genres. Coming to Cortes island, she made her debut in the 2015 Lip Sync and has been one of the regular performers since then, participating as well at the newest CKTZ Cabaret. With these performances she realized how much she loves to share her culture and how much Cortesians love to receive it.

Click here to access podcasts of her radio program Vinho do Porto

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