Decades after a nearly unspeakable family tragedy, family members gain insight from what  appears to be a chance encounter,  later revealing itself as an auspicious message.

Episode #5: Owl Wisdom

by Annie Rosenberg | Deep Roots

Thank you to Cortes Community Radio Deep Roots Steering Committee and Staff.

I’d like to give a special word of thanks to David Rousseau and to Greg Osoba for their encouragement and support in bringing this story to life.

Grady Cooligan also made this story come alive with his sound expertise. Thank you for your support and your talent.

My MacKenzie family (whom I deeply love) generously gave me permission to tell all of this story.

Thank you to the many wise women on Cortes Island (including Naomi Hayter and Denise Gibbons) for continuing to show me the way to a richer and more meaningful life.

Top photo credit: Barn Owl by Matt Tillett via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)