“It’s a mouth-watering touring through time in this piece as I explore how the preservation of food and culture are connected on and off the Reserve. Pull up a chair, all are welcome at the table as we learn about smoking salmon, stringing herring, and why all important events start with sharing a meal.” - Manda Aufochs Gillespie


Preserve/Preserve/Reserve by Manda Aufocus Gillespie, Deep Roots Island Waves

It’s that time of year at Kookpa’s house!
Today’s phrase of the day is 
ɬaɬganačɛnsəm ta ɬagət hoy šɛmatč.
tlatl’gah’na’chensum ta tla’gut hoy sheh’mat’ch
I will thread the herring and then dry it. The elder in this recording is Dave Dominick
Please click on this link to listen https://fv.nuxeocloud.com/…/No…/Sliammon/learn/phrases/50885 - ~from Koosen Pielle, language preservationist.

I’d like to thank Yvonne Louie, Koosen Pielle, Tiffany Jamieson, Sally Fallon Morrell, Morgan Tams, Odette Auger, and Jacqueline Mathieu for help creating this story through the gifts of their time, stories, passion, and clam chowder. 

Manda Aufochs-Gillespie is a health writer, author of the Green Mama series of books (Dundurn), and publisher of the award-winning website thegreenmama.com, Manda LOVES writing about, talking about and, of course, eating food! It’s been a dream getting to write for radio, meet and interview some of my heroes, and explore deeper my Cortes home while putting together this piece for Cortes radio. Thanks to each and everyone who took the time to share a bit of their story in shaping this story.