The Klahoose Nation invited youth from Tla’Amin, Komoks, and Homalco to spend a weekend learning to create podcasts.  The Sister Nations to Klahoose share the same language: ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Ayajuthem.) These youth were encouraged to use the language throughout the camp and as a part of the stories they chose to share.  While learning how to use sound recording and editing equipment, the youth enjoyed experiential games that focused on the Sounds of the Land. Audio Ethnographer Jenni Shine led youth on a Sound Walk to introduce the idea of deep listening, which was many participants favourite part.  Learning storytelling techniques was a significant part of the camp, however, the most important part was connecting these youth to each other at an early age. This opportunity for them to explore their beautiful land and spend time together sharing their songs and skills provided an opportunity for an earlier connection between youth in the Sister Nations.

    We recognize and appreciate all the support and funding provided by CKTZ, CRFC,  CCHA, Tides Canada, and the Klahoose Nation. Also to Rosemary, Jacqueline, Dan, Odette, Koosen, Gary, Mariko and Zoe.  ʔi:mot (Thank you.)

Qʷaqʷθamčxʷ “You tell a story!” Podcasts

Episode 6 - You tell a story! - Documentary

This episode is a documentary featuring recordings taken during the Ayajuthem weekend camp.  It gives a behind the scenes look at the weekend with insightful interviews, traditional songs, recordings from workshops and teaching sessions, and more!

You Tell A Story: Episode 6 - Documentary

Episode 5 - You tell a story! - Evelyn / Dion, Matthew, and Stanley

This episode features Evelyn, from the Keeseekoose First Nation, talking about the elements of support, strength and beauty that make up her “medicine.”  Focusing on themes and moments from her life, Evelyn reminds herself and all of us that her “existence is resistance.” It also features Matthew and Dion from Tla’Amin First Nation and Stanley from Klahoose First Nation performing the song “Fly Eagle Fly,” which was written and given to share by the West Shore Canoe Family of Lummi First Nation.

You Tell A Story: Episode 5 - Evelyn

Episode 4 - You tell a story! - Sofia

This episode features Sofia, from the Sagamok Anishinabek First Nation, talking about what gives her a sense of “home.”  She takes us through beautiful moments of connection to place and family, with reflections on “nettle soup blended with [a] handheld blender” and “sitting on my Abba’s shoulders, holding his hair and looking up at blue sky framed by green alder leaves.”

You Tell a Story: Episode 4 - Sofia

Episode 3 - You tell a story! - Verna

This episode features Verna performing “The Laughing Song” with Stanley, Matthew, and Dion accompanying.  This song was taught to Tla’amin, Klahoose and other coastal nations by Gerry Oldman of Stalium First Nation. It is known as The Berry Picking or The Laughing Song.

You Tell A Story - Episode 3: Verna

Episode 2 - You tell a story! - Jordyn

You Tell A Story - Episode 2: Jordyn

In this episode Jordyn, from the Tla’Amin First Nation, presents an interview of Klahoose Elder Norman Harry Sr telling the local stories and legends of Tal, using Ayajuthem language.  Jordyn edited the interview and provided accompanying music and sound effects. The legend of Tal is used to keep kids from misbehaving.

Episode 1 - You tell a story! - Dakota

You Tell a Story - Episode 1: Dakota

This episode features Dakota, from the Tla’Amin First Nation, speaking about “how [she] claims her culture.”  Using Ayajuthem language, Dakota speaks about cultural lessons and values such as receiving messages from the land and from dreams and how her community prioritizes “taking care of one another.”

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