Erica Køhn and Zain Burgess are co-facilitators for the Reel Youth Film Program on Cortes Island. Photo by Erica Køhn.

Reel Youth will host a film festival for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic this Tuesday, June 28.

The premiere will be showcasing local Cortes media-makers ranging in age from nine to 17-years-old. Artistic Director and co-founder Erica Køhn is excited to see the participants get on stage at Mansons Hall, and talk about their creations.

“The young people get to be advocates for these issues or these things that they care about… it closes this loop of advocacy so that they feel more engaged and empowered in these issues,” Køhn said.

There are 18 Cortes youth participants that created the films, as well as one adult.

The programs sources of funding include the Cortes Island School, Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Parents in Education (PIE). Reel Youth programming is catered to youth as well as inter-generational participation.

The Reel Youth Film Festival is at 7 p.m. at Mansons Hall this Tuesday. Cost of single admission is $10, or $20 for families. Proceeds from the premiere go to PAC for the Cortes Island School to help fund the film program. Once the media is premiered, it will also be accessible on the Reel Youth website.

Listen to more about the Reel Youth Film Festival below:

This program was funded by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the Government of Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative.