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Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood will be playing at Theatre Quadra on the weekend of November 15 – 17, 2019.  According to the theatre website, “The play is a panto in which genders get blended, logic yields to farce, the audience gets involved and most anything can happen.” In this morning’s interview I talk to co-directors Kate Alexandra and Linda Lolacher.  

Involvement with Theatre Quadra

Linda’s involvement with Theatre Quadra started eight years ago, when she started helping out with the costumes. Kate has been involved with theatre since high school and went on to study in Toronto. They first worked together on a Quadra production of “the Actor’s Nightmare” in 2009. 

“We’ve been working together, in various projects, ever since,” says Kate. 

Linda talks about, “The camaraderie of the process of bringing a cast together, how they bond and develop over time.”  

Kate describes the special part about live theatre, as opposed to movies, ​is the opportunity to interact with the audience and connect on an energetic level.”

“You don’t get that same intimacy when you go out to see a movie … You are going to see a lot of your fellow community members up on stage, taking all kinds of risks and doing their very best to entertain you.” . 

The Audience Gets Involved

According to the Theatre Quadra website, Robin Hood “is a panto in which genders get blended, logic yields to farce, the audience gets involved and most anything can happen.”

“That means it’s a lot of fun, both onstage and in the audience.It’s slapstick humour, its really creative costuming. There’s a bit of innuendo that will appeal to the adults and a lot of fun for the kids. They get to be really involved in the play as audience members,” says Linda.

There is an impromptu element, which results in a different show every night. For example, in one scene the audience helps release Maid Marion from the tower of doom. There is a large boulder that has to move through the audience and get to the stage. 

“That will take a different tact every night,” says Linda

“As it has every rehearsal,” adds Kate.

Robin Hood & The Babes in the Woods
Cast of Robin Hood & the Babes in The Woods

About Robin Hood – The Play

“The panto tradition was born in ancient Rome, but came of age in 19th Century England. Fittingly, Hood is set in Sherwood Forest not far from London. Robin (played by Karen Holmes) protects the peasants from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham (Mike McIvor).”

“Robin leads a merry band of rogues, including minstrel Alan-a-Dale (David Pumple), feisty Little Joan (Aayla Moon Anctil), jovial Friar Tuck (Chris Thompson) and Robin’s sweetheart (Emma Arps).

“Guy Holmes is the warm-hearted dame Winnie Widebottom and Jenny Zoia plays the Sheriff’s hapless sidekick Dennis. Ruby Anctil and Will Lornie play Tillie and Tommy, the Sheriff’s niece and nephew.

“Ruby and Ivy Johnston provide the voices of Rabbit 1 and Rabbit 2, and Br’er Warren lends a hand (two, actually) as the puppeteer. Ivy and Linnea Lee portray the Wood Nymphs. The choir, comprised of Leslie-Ann Hart, Aquilina Mitchell, Kornelia Mitchell, Stacey Neilsen, Jeannie Schweitzer and Sheryl Stanton, performs various roles.” – Theatre Quadra

Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood


Tickets will soon be available at Inspirations, Works of H’Art and the Music Plant in Campbell River. They will be $18 for adults, $10 for students and $2 for children under 12. 

Doors for the Friday and Saturday performances will open at 6:30 p.m. with the show starting at 7 p.m. For the Sunday matinee, it will be doors at 1:30 p.m. and show at 2 p.m.