Cortes Island School built a pollinator garden in the shape of a butterfly in collaboration with Friends of Cortes Island. Photo by Michael Datura.

The Cortes Island School has created a new home for beneficial insects as part of a gaming grant with Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI). The environmental non-profit has worked with the school in the past to develop the two existing human food-producing gardens.

The school’s principal, Michael Datura, explained how the funds from the gaming grant are outlined,

“The mandate of the foci money is to also benefit other-than-human species at the school grounds.”

Seeds for the garden are chosen based on flowers and plants that feed and house beneficial insects. The students will be involved in experimenting with starting seeds inside and outside, to determine best results. The garden is shaped like a butterfly to represent some of the future residents of the garden.

The school is also welcoming spring with a public fair on Thursday April 11th from 1-3 pm, hosted by the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC).

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