By tracing the history and stories behind two hats, Tara Warkentin discovers a rich tapestry of practical and symbolic significance found in this ancient art.

Episode #3: Secrets of the Cedar Weavers

by Tara Warkentin | Deep Roots

Interviewing A Cedar Weaver

“My dinner table was pretty much my studio. we might clear off enough space where we might put our plate down and have dinner, and then we clear the table of dishes and it is right back to weaving. I have an open door policy so if a person is brave enough to come out and harvest with me in the Spring then the door is open for them in late September to start weaving classes every Wednesday evening and every Sunday from noon unti when we cannot weave anymore…”


Thank you to CiTR Radio 101.9 FM for lending me equipment. ~ Tara Top Photo Credit: Cedar weaving workshop with Amy Robertson in Vancouver at The Craft Lab, Where I recorded field recordings for Secrets of the Cedar Weavers - by Tara Warkentin