The Cortes Skate Park will host the first Skate Jam event in 20 years this weekend.

Organizer Lucy Diver and locals like Bubba Christmas are joining forces to bring back the community gathering, adding that they are, “really enthusiastic about trying to host some sort of event at the skate park and just bring some life back into it.” 

The skatepark was built by community members like Romney Shipway on land owned by the Southern Cortes Community Association. Many of the original champions of the skatepark no longer live on Cortes, so skate jams haven’t been held in years and local youth have not been exposed to the jams.

At a skate jam, enthusiasts go to the skatepark with a skateboard, rollerblades, skates, scooters, or BMX bikes and join in a community session. Diver hopes the skate jam will inspire more people to use the facility in the future and aims to raise some funds for the skatepark, to make improvements to the public space. 

The Cortes Community Foundation provided a microgrant to make the Skate Jam event happen; “Who Da Hell Skates” is also sponsoring the event.

The event welcomes all abilities, ages, and self-propelled wheeled vessels on Saturday, Aug. 5. There will be music by Aspen and Carmanah King. Hot dogs and drinks are by donation, but the event is completely free of charge. 

Diver reminds all participants to bring safety gear and water, since there is no water source at the skatepark.

To hear more about this unique gathering, listen to the CKTZ News Update below: