Our material world is obsessed with acquiring and accumulating stuff. But how much do we all really need? Morgan Tams looks for options and solutions to this omnipresent conundrum.

Episode:9 Stuff

by Morgan Tams | Deep Roots

“Have you ever taken a walk around your local garbage dump? Ever waded through the debris and household waste to try to make some sense of it all? It doesn’t long to realize the impact our society’s appetite for cheap and disposable consumer goods is having on our environment. Both in the making and in the trashing, our modern world’s taste for getting and spending puts incredible strain on our global resources. And perhaps worse, these hollow consumerist habits have replaced our sense of community and belonging with worthless attachments to better cars, new clothes, bigger homes and the latest electronic gadgets. Ironically the same consumer products are leaving us more disconnected than ever before. Whether at home among cluttered shelves with never have time to dust, or sorting through the landfill, we are in fact swimming in stuff.”


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Featuring: Bryan Pfeifle, Bruce Ellingsen, Dova Wiltshire, Max Thaysen, Patricia LaRoux, Noba Anderson, the Free Store Volunteers and many friends. ~Morgan