In episode six of Art on the Island, Maureen talks with guest about how her background, travel and life in Brazil inspires her art: Susana Vijaya’s macrame

Susana Vijaya

by Maureen Bader | Art On The Island

Susana Vijaya's Macramé

Susana Vijaya’s Macramé

Susana started out in art as a child with her parents and grandparents being the great teachers in her life. Susana needs to express herself artistically but gets bored and moves on to new challenges. Her current artistic interest is macramé art. Susana combines semi precious stones into some of her work to form unique bracelets and necklaces. Susana also explained the origins of macramé, a very interesting story.

During the summer, Susana displays her art at the Cortes Craft Shop and has a table at both the Gorge and Manson’s markets. In the winter you can see her work at the Raven Song gallery on Quadra Island.

Vinho do Porto

Susana Vijaya's radio show: Vinho do Porto

Susana is a regular CKTZ contributor with her show Vinho de Porto, a collection of music of many genres with the Portuguese language as the uniting theme. 

Susana Vijaya's Macramé