Talk Shows

Cortes Community Radio was designed to broadcast the “concerns, interests, and activities of the Northern Gulf Islands to the public.” This goes beyond reading announcements and short bulletins. We need to produce local news and talk shows.

Though CKTZ broadcasts a number of popular news programs like Democracy NowRadio Ecoshock, these are all syndicated programs from outside of our listening area.

Here are some of the talk programs produced within our area:

Rochelle Baker is back and will produce some programs for Cortes Currents. Here is a link to all of her feed - features, press releases, Discovery Sound & a Deep Roots episode. Or visit Discovery Sound- which aims to captivate kids’ imaginations with classic and contemporary stories, songs, poetry and the odd radio play suitable for a young audience. (Read More)

The Deep Roots Initiative is sponsored by the Community Radio Fund of Canada and builds upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series and our long running Coast Salish language program. Access the Deep Roots Initiative index page

Mande Aufochs Gillespie is the founder of Cortes Island’s Folk U and produced a number of episodes for Deep Roots Initiative and Cortes Currents, which you can access here.

Folk U Radio is broadcast on Fridays at 1 PM and you can access the podcasts here

Free Range Radio with Doug Hamel is “a place where your mind has the possibility of roaming free and perhaps gathering in some images, some facts, some words and inspiration or even antagonistic dialogue. It is free range, it’s going to roam.” The essential question is “Who and what is going on?” Sundays 7:30 -9:30 PM; (repeat) Mondays 10:00 -10:30 PM.

Francesca Gesualdi produced some excellent programs for Cortes Currents and the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie, which you can access here.

Roy L Hales  - produces a variety of new and features for CKTZ, the Deep Roots Initiative and Cortes Currents which is broadcast Wednesdays at 9 AM; repeating Tuesdays at 5 PM.

Cortes Radio’s orginal Klahoose Language Program with Norm Harry. which was brought back through the Deep Roots Initiative for 2019.

George Sirk is currently on sabbatical, but expected to return with his popular Nature Boy Series soon. In the Meantime, here are some podcasts from Season One.

Wanna REALLY Get Away Wanna REALLY Get Away? See What The Future Holds? Think You’ve Heard Enough About The Donald? All aboard for the radio series Nuevo Malibu.

Railway Tracks image by Victoria Fenner
image by Victoria Fenner

Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is produced by participating stations across Canada and broadcast on CKTZ some Wednesdays, from 9:30 - 10: AM. CKTZ contributes a program RVF every year. (Access them here).

Vintage Vignettes, a joint project of Cortes Community Radio and Cortes Island Museum and Archives, brings you “radio snapshots” of local life in simpler times.

Photo Credit: Look Who’s Talking (Kids playing near Hollyhock, Cortes Island)- Roy L Hales photo