Basil Creek, described in one of CKTZ's two local talk shows

Cortes Community Radio was designed to broadcast the “concerns, interests, and activities of the Northern Gulf Islands to the public.” This goes beyond reading announcements and short bulletins. We need to produce local news and talk shows.

Though CKTZ broadcasts a number of popular news programs like Democracy Now, Radio Ecoshock and the Global Research News hour, these are all syndicated programs from outside of our listening area.


Four Local Talk Shows

At the moment, CKTZ is broadcasting three local talk shows.

Free Range Radio, produced on Cortes Island, is “a place where your mind has the possibility of roaming free and perhaps gathering in some images, some facts, some words and inspiration or even antagonistic dialogue. It is free range, it’s going to roam.” The essential question is “Who and what is going on?” Sundays 7:30 -9:30 PM; (repeat) Mondays 10:00 -10:30 PM.(Read More)

Island Voice is a shared space used by two local producers: Wednesdays: 9:00 -9:30 AM; (repeat) Tuesdays 5:00-5:30 PM.

  • Discovery Sound –  (last Wednesday of the month &  repeats the following Tuesday) produced by Rochelle Baker: - aims to captivate kids’ imaginations with classic and contemporary stories, songs, poetry and the odd radio play suitable for a young audience. (Read More)
  • The ECOreport (most episodes) is environmental news program in which producer Roy L Hales asks: “What Works? What Doesn’t? And what Can we do about it?  (Read More)

Nature Boy is “a naturalist’s perspective on global issues, as varied as a new bird discovered in Amazonia to the current thickness of the ice in Lancaster Sound … Nature Boy will ponder the strangest things, the mundane and pick them bones clean.” Thursdays 2:00-3:30PM (Read More)

Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is produced by participating stations across Canada. CKTZ was responsible for two of the programs aired in 2017 and a third is in production.  Wednesdays, 9:30 - 10:00 AM. (Read More)


Under Consideration

There are currently two more talk shows under consideration.

“Talk shows bring local information and characters into the station. In my opinion we need a lot more. I’d like to see 2 or 3 hours a day in local talk, documentary etc,” says Howie Roman, CKTZ’s station Manager.

Photo Credit: Look Who’s Talking (Kids playing near Hollyhock, Cortes Island)- Roy L Hales photo