We are grateful for your encouraging donations, sponsorships and helping hands. With your support, in the last year we were able to give back to our community as well as raise awareness and do further outreach within our on-going collaboration.

Here is a recap of some of our activities and events over the past year and what’s on the horizon for 2019.

  • In November 2017 CKTZ hosted two workshops at Klahoose focusing on technical recording skills, interviewing basics and the craft of writing for radio. We had CBC audio producer/trainer Rob Selmanovic facilitate these essential trainings.
  • Beginning in January 2018, Deep Roots hosted a series of bi weekly roundtables, where Klahoose story seeds were nurtured into themes and developed into specific interviewee/writer/story sprouts. The bridge between radio, podcast and millennia-old knowledge of oral storytelling was built with season 1. Season 2 was a refinement, with Island Waves goal that all stories originate from Klahoose community.
  • Vintage Vignettes is a spin off of Deep Roots, and is a collaboration between CI Museum and Archives and CKTZ.
  • In April 2018, we were featured in Salish Sea Sentinel, a magazine that serves as the voice for Naut’sa mawt Tribal Council http://salishseasentinel.ca/2018/03/deep-roots-radio-gives-platform-to-klahoose- voices/
  • In May 2018, our Klahoose Coordinator was honoured for her work with Deep Roots and language work, in the ReMatriate campaign, an Indigenous women’s collective https://m.facebook.com/ReMatriate/?ref=m_notif&notif_t=feedback_reaction_genericLearn more about ReMatriatehttp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/rematriate-wants-to-take-back-visual-identity-of- first-nations-1.3029833
  • In June 2018, we hosted the Season 2 Launch Party, which was a wild success, with 200 in attendance to listen to stories, celebrate this community bridging project.
  • The fundraising Bannock+Beer part of the launch party raised funds for Klahoose canoe journey to Pullyaup. It was shared as a thank you for the open and brave sharing of stories. E’mote

In 2019 we have several more events in the works, some of these are inspired by season 2 stories themselves!

  • Beginning in the fall of 2018, CKTZ and Klahoose will fund an Intergenerational Language show! Which rests on the strong foundation of Norman Harry language show, funding Norman to continue his essential work. Our KFN coordinator will weave Indigenous youth voices and this will lead to natural mentorship and training opportunities.
  • September 2018, CKTZ has a new collaboration with Cortes Community Health Association! A new Youth voices! Project will use the Deep Roots template and training to forge new programming for youth. CCHA will collaborate on the PILOT of this project, a story telling radio camp with tech and recording skills.
  • Music and Songwriting Camp! Youth Voices! will host a 10 week program with Spark Music, creating radio content: youth new music and youth new spoken word.
  • Community Radio Fund Canada has awarded CKTZ with full Radiometres funding for the expanded Youth Voices! project; a series of youth generated stories, with guidance and training to create radio quality content.Deep Roots and our outreach campaign projects are run by a small group of islanders who go above and beyond- volunteering extra time, love and knowledge. Of the 6 Deep Roots specific roles, 50% were Indigenous women from various nations. Our interviewees are Klahoose and Tl’iammin and together we honour our Indigenous identities to empower women, youth, elders and communities at large. Our projects will collectively strengthen our community and raise awareness of the diversity of our island home.In celebration and gratitude,The Deep Roots Initiative, Island Waves
    Cortes Community Radio Society and Klahoose First Nation.