Cortes Radio, in collaboration with Klahoose First Nation and Friends of Cortes Island, is proud to announce progress on our 2016-17 Deep Roots spoken word initiative. Deep Roots seeks solutions to current environmental issues, and preserves traditional First Nations life skills and knowledge of our ecosystems.  The locally written and produced programs are chosen with the goal of informing, questioning, and challenging our preconceived ideas. As well as building local broadcasting capacities.

Deep Roots has several elements:

  • Storytelling for radio
  • Offering challenging views on contemporary issues
  • Training new story writers/producers
  • Building creative liaisons between partners and other organizations
  • Linking current stories with traditional knowledge and legend.

Our training program!  We opened the doors to new talent and have been nearly overwhelmed with the response. Our 16 trainees are aged 15 to 73 years. We have held 4 training workshops this year introducing new writers/producers to:

  • What makes great radio
  • Research and scriptwriting for radio
  • Interviewing skills
  • First Nations Protocol
  • Field recording and production basics.

Our trainer has 20 years experience at CBC Radio 1 as a producer, audio engineer and trainer!

rob-trainerSome of the stories that are underway:

  • Love on the Front Lines- deep relationships that have formed between a First Nation person and a non-native around a very public collaboration: the Cortes Ecoforestry General Partnership.
  • How We Learn- a look at how young people get an education in a remote community.
  • Finding Gilean- A quest for the spirit of Gilean Douglas.
  • Brother Wolf-  The many faces of wolf, from European fairytale through First Nation dance and legends.
  • Ethnobotany-  The role of native plants in traditional food and healing.
  • Cedar-  The role of cedar in West Coast culture.
  • Where Have all the Salmon Gone?-  An exploration of the role of salmon in traditional culture and the fate of salmon since the advent of industrial society.
  • The Forest as Organism-  A look at the forest from a very high level,  seeing forest as a whole intelligent organism, much more than the sum of its parts.
  • Finding Home-  A look at traditions, attitudes and modern laws around land use and ownership. Seen through the eyes of a would-be contemporary settler.
  • Clam Harvest-  Traditional seafood harvesting, clam gardens and modern shellfish farming.
  • Owl Wisdom – A collision and death at dawn on New Year’s Day, uncovers the meaning of life.

Keep listening for Deep Roots broadcasts this fall, including podcasts on our website.


Cortes Radio and Partners are grateful to the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Victoria Foundation and Tides Canada for their financial support for Deep Roots.