The ECOreport started out as an environmental news website in which owner/editor Roy L Hales asks asking What Works? What Doesn’t? And what can we do about it?

The site’s written articles are reposted on better known web platforms like Clean Technica, PVSolar Report and East County Magazine.

In July 2014, the ECOreport also became a radio program on CKTZ.


How the Gathering Place Trading Was Born

The ECOreport (Originally Broadcast Aug 7, 2017, replayed April 20, 2018)
Lovena is Canadian and her husband Ryan is from South Africa. They wanted to keep in touch with their families in both countries. Being Rooibos tea lovers, the Harveys sought out a supplier in South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains. That’s where they found Frans and Gerda, who greeted the Harveys with a cup of the best Rooibos tea they have ever tasted. Gathering Place Trading was born.(Read More)

Victoria’s Passive Homes

The ECOreport (Originally Broadcast September 13, 2017, to be replayed April 11) – When I first interviewed Rob Bernhardt in 2014, you could count the number of British Columbia’s passive houses on your fingers. The Berhardts built the first certified passive house in the Victoria region. Rob went on to become the CEO of Passive House Canada. I recently interviewed him again, during a quick peek at Victoria’s passive houses.(Read More)

How The Basil Creek Culvert Project Is Over The Top

The ECOreport (Originally Broadcast Wednesday, Oct 4, 2017, rebroadcast on Apr 4, 2018) By the time you hear this, the Ministry of Transportation crew will have left Basil creek. As Cortes Streamkeeper Cecil Robinson observed, prior to this “if the fish came early and the rains were late, they just simply couldn’t get through the old culvert. They died right there.” Now more of them will swim upstream to their spawning grounds. Then he proceeded to describe how the “Basil Creek culvert project was over the top from the very beginning. Everything that needed to be done, is done: and then some more, always some more.” (Read More)

How The Public Attitude Towards Nature Changed

(The ECOreport broadcast for March 21, 2018) - What was life like in the era before cell phones, computers and televisions. Did British Columbiansfeel closer to nature when they worked outside in the elements rather than within the artificial confines of a building? In this mornings program I ask Mike Manson, a descendant of one of Cortes Island’s oldest European families, and Mike Moore, one of our better known eco-tour guides, how public attitudes towards nature changed since the first settlers arrived. (Read More)

The Goats That Changed The Pattern Of Her Life

(The ECOreport broadcast for March 21, 2018) - As I waiting for the Cortes ferry the other day, I found myself listening in to another passenger’s conversation. Kristina Purcell is one of the cooks at Hollyhock, but this story is not about that. She was talking about how the goats changed the pattern her life.

I should apologize for audio quality of this podcast after the waiting area’s heater came midway through our interview, but the story so interesting that I kept recording.(Read More)

I should apologize for audio quality of this podcast after the waiting area’s heater came midway through our interview, but the story so interesting that I kept recording.

How Chemainus Transformed Itself

(The ECOreport broadcast for March 14, 2018) - Everyone was talking about the murals, when they were first unveiled. Thirty-seven years later, the image of three proud First Nations faces comes to many people’s minds when they hear the name Chemainus. Municipalities throughout British Columbia embraced this former logging town as a model for how communities can be reinvented after their principal industry collapses. There are still hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to see this Vancouver Island town every year. I recently dropped in to see how how Chemainus Transformed itself. (Read More)

The Story Behind Phil’s Pick n Mix

(The ECOreport (Originally published Oct 29, 2017;  reposted for Mar 7, 2018 broadcast) – Phil Allen became a DJ back in the years that Cortes Community radio was a pirate station. He likes to find new music and share it with others. Phil jokes that his show is the one man and his dog show. It can feel very lonely, being in the DJ booth by himself speaking into a microphone. You don’t know if anyone is actually listening until someone comments about your show. So why does he do it? What is the Story Behind Phil’s Pick ’n Mix? (Read More)

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Roy L Hales

Roy L Hales has been writing for as long as he can remember. His first stories were compilations of pictures. He has started writing books, but so far gets lost in the web expanding research possibilities before him. As a result corrections turned into restarts of the story line.

Writing for newspapers and magazines was simpler. They are short and tend to be a snapshot in time rather than comprehensive treatment of a subject. He started writing for the Fraser Valley Record (now the Mission City Record), while waiting for an archaeologist to comment on the first draft of a book, in 1982. Roy set the book aside three years later, but continued to be published in newspapers and magazines until 2006. He wrote about 500 articles for print media.

 Roy was in charge of publicity for Vancouver’s Third Cross Cultural Conference in 1987.

He was the editor of the Vine Press, a quarterly publication of the Vineyard movement, in 1992-93 and curator of the Vineyard Gallery in 1993-96. He also handled PR for the Christian artists and writers group Artistic License from 1993-96 and arranged for exhibitions at venues like the Lookout Gallery at Regent College, UBC; Langley Centennial Museum and Exhibition Centre and what is now called the Ranger Station Art Gallery at Harrison Hot Springs.

 Roy was interviewed by the late Bernice Gerrard, and profiled in BC Report as well as the Langley Times.

During this period, his artwork was displayed in numerous solo and joint exhibitions, foyer displays and group exhibitions.

 Roy entered the world of web publications as editor of San Diego Loves Green in the fall of 2012, and left that venue to building his own website (the ECOreport) in December 2013.
Top Photo Credit: Roy L Hales