The Homegrown show has been playing on Cortes Radio since 2012. It features local and Canadian music, especially artists from the west coast. The genres are open, but it tends to feature folk music, country, rock and blues, particularly with a west coast theme, or subjects that celebrate our lives on the BC coast. However, I like to play a few songs from Atlantic Canada as well in each show.

I try to include a humorous or novelty song each show as well. These can be from anywhere. Spoken word also gets played on the show, and I would welcome more recorded poetry to include, as well as short stories, taking a bit of a literary direction as well as the music. The well respected works of Stewart MacLean and Wade Davis are two examples of Canadian literary work that I would like to include more of, as well as local radio plays. It would be awesome to revive the lost art of the radio play on the Homegrown show and showcase local creativity.

The Homegrown Show

Some of the music played on the Homegrown show is available online through CD baby, a platform for independent artists to distribute their works. A lot of the music is aquired at live shows hosted by our sponsoring establishment, Kameleon Food and drink. A lot of it is not available online, and is the one time only collected works of local artists who may have published one album and not found their way into distribution. Hurricane Rena here on the Homegrown Show makes sure their music will be part of our local culture, heard on the airways and echoing on through out time. These are the truly special songs of the Homegrown show, including Steve Traylers music, and that of Sunday Dennis, as well as the original unpublished songs of Dave Carlson and others.

Recent Podcasts

Oct 14 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Oct 7 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Sept 30 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Sept 23 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Sept 9 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Sept 1 Program

by Hurricane Rena | The Homegrown Show

Origins of the Name Hurricane Rena

On her website, Hurricane Rena adds:

“I came upon the name Hurricane Rena when I was trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween while a hurricane with the same name as me was wrecking havoc in the Atlantic. The thought occurred to me this was a great costume opportunity and the name stuck with me for years after.”

“I came to the west coast of BC pursuing a dream to see and live on the ocean, on a motorbike at the age of 17, where I ended up living on a salvaged boat and producing and selling a book of poetry, learning the skills of independence, and an off the grid lifestyle.”

Top Photo Credit: Hurricane Rena, host of the Homegrown Show