The Still Spirits have been together for over ten years, based in Maple Ridge. Photo courtesy of The Still Spirits.

The Still Spirits are making their way to Cortes Island next week.

The six-piece yardcore band from Maple Ridge, BC, includes members Willie Navarro, David Gough, Johnny Aaron, Erik “Skiff” Kallweit, Wes Courdare, and Jeremy Addinel. They have been an ensemble for over ten years, blending bluegrass and punk rock. The musicians just returned from a regional tour that included Calgary and Wayne, Alberta. The Whaletown Community Club (WCC) will be presenting the Still Spirits at the Gorge Hall on Sept. 30. This will be the yardcore band’s first performance on Cortes Island.

David Gough is the standup bassist for Still Spirits, and the only member to have visited Cortes before.

“I am expecting a 50 foot Godzilla” David jested.

Other members chimed in, saying “the harder you dance the harder we play.”

Local musician Mike Desj will be opening for the band. Fellow standup bassist- Gough noted that he played with Mike on a tour with “Devil in the Woodshack.”

While the Spirits haven’t stopped by Cortes before, they have visited the region, having played on Quadra Island several times. They also just signed with Vancouver-based “Kinda Cool Records”. In fact, Cortes Island will be the Spirits’ last show before entering the studio to focus on their new album.

The Still Spirits is an all-ages show beginning at 7 p.m. in Whaletown on Friday Sept. 30. Tickets are $20 at the door.

To hear more about the antics of the Still Spirits, listen to the CKTZ news update below:

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