Forrest Stevens has made over 200 films on alternative dwellings while building his youtube channel. Photo courtesy of Forrest Stevens.

Forrest Stevens is a documentary filmmaker whose content is focused on van living, tiny houses, off-grid setups and more.

Stevens and his partner have travelled across Canada in their own live-in van in search of subjects for new films and they have arrived on Cortes Island. They are putting the call out for people interested in showing off their alternative dwelling and giving an interview detailing their way of life.

Stevens says his hope with the series is to inspire others to think creatively about different ways of living. Some videos on his Youtube channel have up to 2.3 million views, depicting the lifestyle of “van life,” and other alternative living setups, as well as long form documentaries on the culture of van life as a whole.

If you would like to get in contact with Stevens, email him at His films are available on his Youtube page here.

Listen below for more from Forrest about his experience making films and what he’s learned from making over 200 films on alternative dwellings: 

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