Claudia Raaen has been playing ultimate for 42 years, enthusiastically leading drop-in games on Cortes since 1990. Photo by Loni Taylor.

Recreational ultimate frisbee has been a regular activity on Cortes since 1990 and a local is working to keep the sport alive.

Claudia Raaen has been playing ultimate frisbee for 42 years, and brought the spirit of the sport to the island, initiating games at the Cortes Island School field.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, regular players have experienced a hiatus of the gatherings. As sport leagues have re-started this past summer, so has ultimate frisbee, but the sport is struggling to revive: Raaen is now determined to increase community interest and gain new players. Currently, the turnout has not exceeded six players: Raaen says, ideally, ultimate is played with around 10-14 people.

The culture of the sport encourages a high level of comradery and guidance, Raaen says, which makes it fairly approachable for newcomers.

“You can have quite a multi-level, because the people that are really good cover each other and the people that are new cover each other…so you’re not feeling so intimidated by your opponent. Of course, there aren’t any opponents in ultimate: it’s all one…So when you play together, there’s a real feeling of just play and supporting each other to do our best.”

Raaen will continue to host games at the school field throughout the winter; all ages and abilities are welcome to join in on Sundays at 11 a.m. To learn more, contact

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