Susana Vijaya was born in Porto, Portugal. After a strong career in sales as a commercial director, she founded and ran a flourishing vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant that evolved to feed the body, mind and soul as a spiritual center for holistic healing.

She has a passion for music since she can remember. Her grandmother was always listening to Fado and she was always surrounded by musicians and Djs that opened her taste to a lot of different genres. Coming to Cortes island, she started to perform at the CKTZ LipSyncs and realized how much she loves to share her culture and how much Cortesians love to receive it.

Vinho do Porto Show

So she decided to have her own radio show, where she can share all her Portuguese music background, being that from Portugal, from the ex Portuguese colonies or Brazil. Vinho do Porto show has as a common thread all songs in Portuguese language, and the genres varies between Fado, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dance, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Folk, Bossa Nova, MPB, Forro, Choro, Frevo, Batucada, Maracatu, Morna, Semba, Marrabenta, etc.

November 2018

Episode 82 - Vinho do Porto
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October 2018

Episode 78 - Vinho do Porto
Episode 77 - Vinho do Porto
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September 2018

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Episode 71 - Vinho do Porto