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Gerard “Boy” Mendes (born 1952) is a Senegalese musician of Cape Verdean descent. He was born in Dakar, Senegal and was raised in the city’s Cape Verdean diaspora community. As a child, he grew up in a household filled with the sounds of the native morna and coladeira, both Cape Verdian music styles. Later in his life he teamed with other musicians and form Cabo Verde Show, one of the most popular Cape Verdean bands of all time.
Episode 149 - Vinho do Porto
In this week’s show I won’t talk about an artist. I will tell you about our trip from La Manzanilla, Mexico to Quadra island, Canada, through the Pandemic that we are all passing. And I will also share my experience how other people in different countries are responding to it.
Episode 148 - Vinho do Porto

Susana’s Performances

at the CKTZ LipSync August 2019

Susana performing “It’s Oh So Quiet” at the CKTZ LipSync fundraiser on Quadra island, Aug 4th 2019
Susana performing “Give Me A Band And A Bandana” at the CKTZ LipSync fundraiser on Quadra island, Aug 4th 2019

About Susana Vijaya

Susana Vijaya was born in Porto, Portugal. After a strong career in sales as a commercial director, she founded and ran a flourishing vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant that evolved to feed the body, mind and soul as a spiritual center for holistic healing. In 2008 she sold it and moved to Brazil to learn Permaculture and live in Intentional Communities across the country. In 2012 she found Cortes Island and started to spend her Summers there, while continuing to spend her winters in Brazil. In 2016 she left Brazil for good and replaced it for Mexico - La Manzanilla, in Jalisco state.

In 2019 she finally achieved her Permanent Residency in Canada. She also moved to Quadra island, but continues to stay connected with the Cortes community, and maintain her volunteer work for the CKTZ radio station as a weekly DJ and as a performer.

She has a passion for music since she can remember. Her grandmother was always listening to Fado and she was always surrounded by musicians and Djs that opened her taste to a lot of different genres.
Coming to Cortes island, she made her debut in the 2015 Lip Sync and has been one of the regular performers since then, participating as well at the newest CKTZ Cabaret. With these performances she realized how much she loves to share her culture and how much Cortesians love to receive it.

Susana and Lyle at the CKTZ Lip Sync on Quadra Island, August 2017

Vinho do Porto Show

So she decided to have her own radio show, where she can share all her Portuguese music background, being that from Portugal, from the ex Portuguese colonies or Brazil. Vinho do Porto show stated in April 2017. It has as a common thread, all songs in Portuguese language, and the genres varies between Fado, Rock, Pop, Blues, Dance, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Folk, Bossa Nova, MPB, Forro, Choro, Frevo, Batucada, Maracatu, Morna, Semba, Marrabenta, etc.

Past Episodes:

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Susana’s other Arts

Susana has been expressing herself through artistry in crochet, knitting, photography, mosaic, painting, singing, performing and culinary arts. In 2008, while in Brazil, she discovered jewelry and macrame techniques. It´s been a passionate love ever since. She participates in several shows and markets and now has a store online that you can check at

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