DJ Have an idea for a radio show? We’ll provide training, access to music and equipment, a timeslot, and help you develop the show that’s right for you.

Community Announcer Multiple openings for volunteers to read community announcements over the air. We’ll train you on how to find the information, read into a microphone, play with the equipment, and keep people safe with instructions and information during emergency type situations. Time Commitment: 1 hour per week to 1 hour per month.

30 Second Audio Ad Producer We don’t really have advertising on CKTZ, but we do have 30 second masterpieces, incorporating the sounds and voices of the island, that promote DJs, events, local businesses and community organizations. Producing audio ads is fun and easy and let’s you explore your creativity in a structured manner. Full training provided. Time Commitment is up to you.

Market Tabling We are recruiting volunteers who want to spend their Friday’s at Mansons Market, helping the radio station sell t-shirts, hats, stickers and other swag. It’s a great way to spend a few hours, meet a lot of people, and raise money for the station. Friday’s June to September

Cortes Island News / Cortes Currents / Folk U. Join one of our excellent public affairs programs. We need researchers, administrative support, studio operators, field reporters, interviewers, and audio post production support. Full training provided. Must be comfortable with computers, open to feedback, and working to deadline.

Studio Operator. Want to be on radio but not on the microphone? Support one or more DJs by operating the board in the studio, managing phone in guests, playing music and trouble shooting audio so that the DJ can focus on doing the talking. No experience necessary, training provided. Must be comfortable with computers, open to feedback, solution oriented, and think quickly to avoid dead air!

Music Librarians We have access to local music but need help getting the songs on the air. If you are someone who is comfortable behind a computer we’ll provide you with all the tools to help us curate our music library that showcases new and local artists of all genres. Time Commitment is up to you.

Podcast Production. Work with show creators, mix their raw voice and music audio into a polished podcast. Manage the tone and flow of the show, experiment with different styles. Access to equipment, web services, peer support and ongoing training provided. Minimum 1 hour weekly commitment.

Show Promoter. Manage the online presence of one or more of our signature radio shows, upload audio and visual content, and help our DJs build their audience. Time Commitment. Minimum 1 hour weekly.

Graphic Design Promote the station, our shows, our sponsors and community partners through graphics. No experience necessary, must be open to feedback. We can provide you with access to equipment and web services, training and mentors. Volunteers need to be comfortable with computers. Time Commitment: 2 hours per week to 2 hours per month.

Print Graphics promoting the station and/or our shows. Volunteers can use the medium and tools of their choice - pens, brushes or computers. We need designs that will go on t-shirts, hats, posters, and banners. Send us examples of your current work in the format that works best for you. Time Commitment: One off projects or ongoing. Weekly, monthly quarterly, annually - you decide.