In our last episode, earthlings Clell Landis and Doctor Shay Watt? team up with Mack, the subliminal being that communicates through holograms. The trio and I, the Narrator, miniaturize our time-traveling Port-a-Potty the TURDIS, and meander through Donald Trump’s sundry brain lobes before adjourning to the Italian Renaissance for some pasta. After dinner, we stroll the streets of ancient Rome. Mack, who had transformed to Galileo to order our meal, slips into some one more comfortable — the form of John Nursall, a reclusive scrimshaw artist. After dining out. we visit Planet Rom-Com in the Resort System.

LANDIS: What’s that?

MACK: An ongoing romantic comedy, Landis. You and the Doctor would be irresistibly drawn into the conventions of the genre: the meet cute, the inferior yet lovable sidekicks, the triumph of true love over many obstacles.

DOCTOR: Irresistibly?

MACK: The atmosphere on Rom-Com overpowers earthlings. It wouldn’t affect me or Narrator. We could watch out for you AND serve the plot as your loyal though not as attractive best friends.


Tune in March 2 at 8:30 PM to see what happens.

Nuevo Malibu was written and produced by Allen Perkins. It was recorded on location in the universe, specifically Quadra Island at the Dave Blinzinger Studio.  It features the vocal talents of Kris Wellstein, Guy Holmes, Kornelia Mitchell, Aquilina Mitchell, Karen Holmes and John Nursall. 

Top photo credit: “If I can” by timcmak via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)