Due to an increase in waste produced in the summer, lack of priority sailing for waste management vehicles and a new BC Ferries policy banning tandem trailer trucks on Cortes Island ferries, Waste Management Operations Manager Aaron McCullough has issued a safety warning for anyone visiting the Waste Management Center.

“We’re going to have trucks exchanging bins quite often, almost twice as often as in the past…I just wanted people in the public to be aware…they really got to give them some space for safety requirements.”

McCullough added that he has exhausted all avenues through the Strathcona Comox Waste Management and BC Ferries to resolve the truck congestion during business hours. Until the new ferry docks are updated in 2026, the operations manager is at an “impasse.”

BC Ferries commented that, “Vehicles with tridem axles or more than 5 axles require prior approval and proof of weight. Unfortunately, the absence of a public weigh scale on Cortes makes it challenging to confirm loads.”

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