Welcome to the Deep Roots Staff!

As of mid May, the Deep Roots Initiative is under way! We have hired a great team and look forward to working with them all in making this project a success.

The new project staff :

  • Senior Producer - Greg Osoba
  • Communications & Marketing Manager - Carla Voyageur-Dawson
  • Fundraising and Volunteer Coordinator - Kathryn Juricic
  • Trainer - Rob Selmanovic

In addition, a few of our regulars have taken on some extra duties to make this project run smoothly, including:

  • Coordinator - Howie Roman
  • Technical Manager - Sean Cowell

Soon there will also be several story producers trained and assigned to shows. They will be working with staff on a per-story basis.

The Steering Committee, involving a number of representatives of island organizations have been a great driving force for this project. The wonderful people involved thus far:

  • Kate Maddigan
  • David Rousseau
  • Max Thaysen
  • Sheryl Thompson
  • Odette Auger
  • Jacqueline Mathieu
  • Shannon Jonassen

You can read more about the Deep Roots project and the team, on the project’s webpage.