Wolfman Jake on CKTZ 89.5 fm

Wednesdays 12:30 - 3 pm

saturdays 4 pm - 7 PM

From a young age, I have always felt there was a wolf in me. Born and raised in the deep woods on the west coast of Vancouver Island, I have always run with the pack.

Came to Cortes a few years ago for a short visit. There is something in the air about this beautiful island. I knew at that moment I had found my wolf pack. I knew I was home.

One day, during the Friday market, I met Howie and asked, “How can I volunteer my Wolfman on the radio?” And Howie said, “You talk to me.” And with a Wolfie smile, I said “Rock and Roll and Jilly-Jive. You are going to get Wolfman on the air and he’ll be live.”

My first show was October 31, 2020, Halloween - my Christmas. And ever since then it has been love at first bite.

I play music from the past 60 years. Music that feels good, music that rocks your soul. And no matter what mood you are in, music can lift your spirits and get you smiling again. Because the Wolfman gets in your heart and in your soul and leaves you dancing to rock and roll.

I am keeping the freak in frequency - “Ya dig”

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