Catriona Vega’s first Cortes Radio program consisted of live performances into a single mic. She launched “Stone Soup” after returning to Cortes Island about 2012. It is:& “A cup of folk, a cup of world, a dash of Hip Hop, a splash of the jazz and blues with a healthy dose of Canadian artists.”

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Some of her global perspective may come from having taught English as a second language in both Eritrea and Ecuador.

Catriona named her program Stone Soup because the ingredients are coming from many people.

“At the beginning it was a jumble. Then I decided to separate it out: folk the first hour and world the second and I do throw in some jazz and some blues and some funk and whatever…”

One of her favourite songs:

Interview: How the world got into Stone Soup

In The Podcast

  • How Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM has changed since she first became a DJ, around 2006, and what she misses from the station’s past.
  • Growing up in North Vancouver;
  • Travels, Eritrea, Ecuador and World music;
  • Working at both Hollyhock and Linnaea on Cortes Island;
  • Some of the challenges & people behind CKTZ
  • Being a mom and a DJ
  • Many more stories & annecdotes

Songs Played In The Audio

Stone Soup is on Cortes Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM, Wednesdays from 12:30-2:30 PM; repeating Mondays 12-2 PM.


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Top Photo Credit: Stone Soup by Jen Lemen via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)