Pranayama Pachamama with DJ Liquid Crystal

Sundays Sun: 11:30 AM -1 PM; Repeats: Wed: 10 -11:30 AM


 It’s not about achieving perfection or even being more spiritual. It’s about a journey to self discovery. To Rise to the call with commitment, clarity and conscious choice. Pranayama Pachamama was formed with the desire to share my teachings in a relaxed manner to reach as many hearts for the journeys yet to come.

The balance of body, mind, and soul are always at play. As a long time Yogini, I have explored the safe haven of a spiritual practice. A place of integration, to settle into the simplicity and the complexity of living in this body and in this world. I am committed to know myself, my heart, the layers of conditioning, and the battle with the beast of the mind.

The show is about resting in the silence and stillness to receive just a glimpse of wholeness. Through practices, philosophy, and music steeped in primordial wisdom we work with the constant dance of the sane and insane. Peace and Chaos. Co-Creating our reality with the energy we contain within us.

Tanya’s training is about the emotional, mental, and psychological characteristics manifested within the body harnessing the essence of yoga as a map for self healing and empowerment.

She is a registered Continuing Educator with Yoga Alliance and offers programs and workshops developed to deepen the Yoga experience. She teaches Therapeutic Yoga to support recovery from injury, trauma, or addictions with the yogic concept of self -healing through body wisdom.

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